Clearing The Clouds on Data Center Decisions

Global Datacenter Solutions (GDS) is a technical strategy consulting firm that specializes in data center site selection. We bring Engineering, Operations and Real Estate together to offer you a full service solution.

Your 100% Unconditional Advocate
No agreements to channel business to any provider. We work for you and only you.

In House Brokerage
As a convenience to our customers, we are fully licensed to practice real estate. We follow the best practices in the industry regardless of whether you are looking for a wholesale lease, retail license or Master Service Agreement (MSA).

We Make You Look Good
We provide your team with the datacenter expertise you need to get the job done and impress the people that matter most.



What We Do

Global Datacenter Solutions provides in-depth expertise required to maximize data center real estate. We can even provide you with technical infrastructure design if you need it. We become an extension to your team and provide you with the right specialist who will assist you in finding the unique solutions for your technical and business objectives. Click here to find out more.


Why We Are Different

Global Datacenter Solutions is unlike the traditional real estate companies you may have used in the past. We have actually held many of the key corporate positions you may be in today. We understand the IT, facility and political hurdles needed to justify projects and obtain executive and board level approvals. We take these experiences and put them to work for you. Contact us and find out more about how we are truly unique in this market.


Who We Are

As technical operation leaders in global companies for more than 50 years combined, Global Datacenter Advisors offers the industry expertise required to achieve the technical operation efficiencies that support business growth and expansion. Click here to find out more about us.

Let us become your trusted advisors.